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Barakah Bunny - Pink

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Pink Barakah Bunny: Your Child’s Best Buddy for Every Muslim Child 

A cuddly cute bunny which allows your child to find comfort in the Quran Surahs, Duas, Kids Zikir, Qasidah while they also learn Islamic Nursery Rhymes Songs as well as Wudhu & Solat Recitations. What makes every child love this toy is the projector light with their favourite elements – stars, rainbow, moon, unicorn, dinosaur and many more. Light comes in 6 different colours!

Here’s what your child will always be listening to, strengthening their love for Allah swt:

11 Surahs: Al-Fatihah | Al-Ikhlas | Al-Falaq | An-Nas | Ash-sharh | Al-Qadr | Al-Asr | Al-Kawthar | Al-Kaafiroon | An-Nasr | Ayatul-kursi

12 Duas (With Eng Translation): Dua before Sleep Daily Dua | Dua to Increase Knowledge | Dua Before Study | Dua Before Meal | Dua After Meal | Dua Entering the Toilet | Dua Leaving Home | Dua in Vehicle | Dua for Parents | Dua to Ease Our Affairs | Dua in Times of Difficulties

Wudhu & Solat Recitations: Iqamah | Dua After Wudhu | Dua Antara Dua Sujud| Attahiyat

Qasidah & Zikirs: Ya Hanana | Mawlaya | SollahallahMuhammad | Sollatullah sallamullah | Subhanallah walhamdulillah | Laillahaillah Muhammadurasullah | Astaghfirla

Afee Lisya Islamic Nursery Rhymes & Songs: Twinkle Hasbi Rabbi | 5 Pillars of Islam | 20 Attributes of Allah | Dua For Success | Dua from Harm | Alif Baa Taa

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).



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